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No matter at what academic level you get your philosophy essay paper of these philosophy essay topics will be definitely interesting and provoking for your audience. What is more, each of these topics can be suitable for some of the philosophy course assignments.

  • How should one decide what is wrong and what is right?
  • Non-moral and moral issue: what’s the main difference?
  • According to Socrates ignorance is the cause of evil and bad actions, is that true?
  • Are universal moral principles real? If yes, what are they?
  • Is it necessary to behave morally in order to be happy?
  • Are people guided by the self-serving motivation when performing this or that deed?
  • Does justice truly exist? If yes, what do we mean when saying the word ‘just’?
  • Is justice a universal matter or just a social construct? Can justice be found outside the scope of human society?
  • Is it a moral principle to be guided by the proverb ‘an eye for an eye’?

These are just examples of the topics for philosophy essays that can serve as the basis for good philosophy essay paper which can meet the highest requirements of any academic level.